A Safe and Comfortable Procedure

Woman getting tooth extractedTooth extractions can be a scary procedure for those who have never experienced the procedure before. For those who are nervous, it’s important to know that the procedure is routine, painless, and low risk.

Stetson Hills Dental can do some tooth extractions in the office, but in some cases, we may refer out to an oral surgeon.

Reasons For a Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is usually recommended to help relieve pain from a severely decayed tooth. In some cases, an extraction may be performed if you have an alignment issue.

One of the most common reasons for a tooth extraction procedure is to remove wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth oftentimes get impacted and can cause your teeth to shift.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth extractions only take a couple of minutes and should mostly be pain-free. Most tooth extraction process looks similar to the following.

  1. After taking your x-rays, the dentist or oral surgeon will review them with you and walk through the process with you.
  2. The dentist will use a local numbing agent for the tooth, gum, and bone.
  3. Throughout the extraction, you should only feel pressure and no pain.
  4. In most cases, the dentist can remove the tooth using applied pressure, rather than surgical intervention.

The Recovery

Following the procedure, your dentist will give you instructions to inform you how to properly care for the extraction site in the hours and days following tooth removal. Some patients might have to cover the extraction site with gauze.

If needed, the dentist or oral surgeon may prescribe medicine to provide relief in the days following the procedure. The gums should fully heal in just a matter of weeks, as long as the site is clean. After your extraction sites are healed, you might be interested in replacing the missing tooth with an implant, bridge, or denture.

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If you are located in Colorado Springs and you think you might need a tooth extraction, contact us to schedule a consultation! We are currently accepting new patients. But in some cases, we may refer out to an oral surgeon.