A root canal is probably the last way you want to spend your day, but this simple procedure will help relieve dental pain. If you have tooth pain, sensitivity to hot/cold, tenderness of the gums, or darkening of a tooth, then you may need a root canal.

The Root Canal Process

The root canal process is routine, and at Stetson Hills Dental, we can handle the process in our office. The root canal process starts with an x-ray to assess the tooth. If the dentist recommends a root canal, you will normally be numbed with a local anesthetic, and then the dentist will make an opening in the crown of the tooth to clean out decayed pulp. Depending on your case, the dentist will either seal the tooth at the end of the procedure or you will get a temporary filling and return to the office later to seal the tooth.

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If you are suffering from tooth pain, don’t wait any longer. Schedule an appointment at Stetson Hills Dental, and we’ll make sure you get relief quickly. Once you come in for a consultation, we will set you up with a root canal, to be completed in our comfortable office.

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