4.2 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars

I totally love this place! It’s welcoming, warm and clean. Very comfortable place. Staff members are AMAZING! Super friendly and understanding.

-Edlin B. on Google, 2/11/17

Highly recommend going to Stetson Hills Dental! I will be the first to admit it…I have been awful about going to the dentist through the years. I have dental insurance, but I did not want to hear the shaming about not going to the dentist. Stetson Hills Dental team was the complete opposite of what I had previously experienced at a dentist office.

-Andrew B. on Google, 12/20/16

I’ve been coming here since 2012. I had my wisdom teeth extracted and had a good experience. I had one bad experience with a hygienist but she is gone and the new one is AMAZING! She spent about an hour cleaning my teeth and educating me on things I could do better. She was friendly and knowledgable. The doctor is friendly and laid back, but very informative. Also love the atmosphere of the whole office.

-Brittney A. on Google, 3/22/17

Anyone in the Colorado Springs area that is looking for a dentist, I can highly highly recommend Stetson Hills Dental..

I am incredibly terrified of Dentists, however working with them, including a rather extensive surgery, I have a new outlook. They have been incredible kind, compassionate and of course, professional.

I was a quivering mess going in, but the staff all made it so much easier. Thank you, guys.

– Sky W. on Facebook, 5/1/17

Quick, fast, and the people are very friendly. If you need wisdom teeth extraction and a fast way to get it done, I definitely recommend this business.

-Joe T. on Yelp, 3/27/17