Mouth guardsBack to school season is right around the corner! That means it’s time for fall sports season to start and your kids to get excited about playing their favorites, whether that’s football, soccer, volleyball, field hockey and more. It’s also time for the risk of fall sports related injuries to occur, including dental injuries.

Dentists have estimated that upwards of 39% of dental emergencies are due to sports injuries. These injuries are very painful and many times can require expensive procedures to fix long-term damage. To prevent an emergency trip to your dentist this fall, be sure that you and your children take extra precautions when engaging in your favorite fall activities.

Don’t Play Rough Contact Sports Without a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are literally teeth savers while playing any sport that involves blows to the head or flying equipment. Dentists also recommend using one when participating in any activity where you run the risk of falling. You may not notice it in the moment, but when you fall, your teeth collide and the force can cause chips or breakage. Wearing a mouth guard provides a cushioning between your teeth and the outside world, giving them far more protection than going without.

Athletes can benefit from wearing a mouth guard when playing many fall sports, including football, soccer, volleyball and field hockey. Don’t neglect your teeth or your safety just to play the game! Your teeth are far too valuable in your daily life to leave unprotected.

Always Wear Your Helmet

Helmets are a necessity when playing football, baseball and hockey for good reason. They are equally as important when riding a bike to lessen the impact of hitting the ground in the event of a fall. In fact, the Safe Kids Worldwide organization estimates that helmets are 85% effective at preventing head injuries—and your teeth are included in that. Adding a mouth guard into the mix will also help to stop the jaw from slamming shut, creating an extra layer of cushioning.

Unfortunately, many children fail to wear helmets while biking—as many as 50% according to the Safe Kids organization. That’s why it’s important to make sure to remind them to put theirs on every time they get on a bike, regardless of where or how long they’ll be riding.

For even more safety hacks, check out Colorado’s bike laws and safety tips for you and your family.

Meet with Your Dentist

Before starting the fall school session, it’s a good idea to visit your dentist and talk to them about your child’s mouth protection options. They may recommend getting a custom mouth guard fitted for them and give you other tips and tricks.

Mouth protection isn’t always required by the sport being played, but that doesn’t mean you or your kid shouldn’t be proactive about using a mouth guard or helmet! At Stetson Hills Dental, we’re here to answer any questions you may have so you can keep your smiles healthy for years to come.