The New Year is the time for goals, things you want to do better, and habits you want to leave behind. If your New Year resolutions include becoming happier and healthier, don’t forget to include your oral health in the mix! Having a consistent dental care routine is just as important as developing a workout schedule, and we would argue, easier to achieve.

Stained teeth and gum disease aren’t the only things to worry about if you were slacking on your dental health in 2019. Oral health issues can also be linked to more serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and respiratory infections.

Make it a priority to give your health a fighting chance this year with these 5 goals.

5 Dental Health Resolutions to Make Today

  1. Resolutions Just AheadQuit Using Tobacco – That includes cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco. You’ve seen the photos and watched the documentaries so you know that tobacco use can cause mouth and lung cancer while simultaneously damaging your teeth. Quitting will lower your risk of experiencing gum disease, plaque buildup, yellowing teeth, and halitosis.
  2. Floss Every Day – If you’re like most people, you probably don’t floss as much as you should. Start flossing daily to help remove excess food particles, prevent plaque buildup and pave the way to a whiter smile. It’ll become second nature in no time!
  3. Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment – Don’t skip your next 6-month checkup because you forgot to make time for it. Those biannual visits can save you from needing serious dental work like fillings or a root canal so you don’t want to regret missing them.
  4. Put your health first. Achieving your goals is a lot harder to accomplish if you’re not in good health. So be sure to focus on making those appointments you need to make and address any problems or pain you’ve been putting off dealing with.
  5. Drink Enough Water – Staying hydrated is important for so many reasons. When it comes to your teeth, drinking plenty of water boosts healthy saliva production that helps rinse your teeth between brushing. Not sure how much water is enough? Divide your weight in half and aim to drink that number in ounces every day.
  6. Whiten Your Teeth – This resolution is purely cosmetic, but its effect on your self-confidence is anything but superficial. Having whiter teeth can help decrease self-consciousness, giving your mental health a boost. We recommend professional whitening treatments over drugstore options to ensure you get the best results.

Start the new year with a positive attitude, share those good vibes with others and be sure to smile. Remember, the true benefit of smiling is the way it makes you and others feel.

Good luck and Happy New Year!