two boxing mouthguards on blue background, sport concept, copy spaceNow that spring is finally among us, we’re spending more time than ever outdoors. Spring sports and exercise are a perfect way to get fit, but one fall or injury could spell out major damage for our teeth. How can you enjoy your sports while protecting your teeth? It couldn’t be simpler.

Wear a Mouth Guard

Many people, especially children and teens, avoid wearing a mouth guard because they find them unattractive and embarrassing. Yet, while maybe not the most stylish, mouth guards play a huge role in protecting your teeth from potentially harmful impact. If you or your child plays a sport that involves projectiles (like tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, etc.), make sure you suit up with a mouth guard to prevent an accidental hit from knocking out teeth!

Wear a Helmet

Helmets are another piece of safety equipment that get ignored because they’re viewed as unattractive, but they protect more than just your skull. If biking is your preferred method of exercise, make sure to wear your helmet — in the event of a fall, it can protect your teeth! Some dentists even recommend wearing a mouth guard with your helmet to maximize your safety.

Unfortunately, it is reported that only 50% of children that ride bikes wear their helmets. Whether it’s you or your child, make sure that a helmet is always on to shield yourself from broken bones.