dental crown modelIt is so good to be alive in 2022 when it comes to dental technology! With new methods to treat and correct tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis, oral cancers, and crooked teeth, there is no reason to postpone getting the smile of your dreams!  If you have recently learned that you need a crown, or you are wondering when you may need a crown, then you have landed on the right blog.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are ‘caps’ that can be placed on the whole tooth or to the top 3/4 of the tooth (called an Inlay or Onlay) in order to protect against further decay and damage to the tooth.

When Do You Need a Crown?

If you have a cavity, a dentist will attempt to fill the cavity with a composite or resin filling. In extreme cases, cavities can compromise the integrity of the tooth and a filling cannot be used. When this happens, your dentist will recommend a crown.

If you suffer from tooth damage, such as from trauma, the dentist may recommend a 3/4 crown (Inlay/Onlay) to prevent the tooth from cracking further.

Types of Crowns

At Stetson Hills Dental, we typically recommend a metal or porcelain crown, but there are a few other materials that can be used.

  • Porcelain – the most natural-looking crown, porcelain crowns typically last between 15 and 20 years with proper care.
  • Metal – the longest-lasting crown, metal crowns can last an entire lifetime.
  • Ceramic – a hybrid option that can be lined with either metal or ceramic.
  • Resin – look natural but are softer than the other options which makes them brittle and in need of replacement every 5 years.

Will Crowns Need to be Replaced?

When you get a crown installed, the number one question is whether or not you will need to get it replaced down the road. In most circumstances, even with proper care and dental habits, crowns may become damaged or cracked and need replacing. The exception to this is metal crowns – these can often last a lifetime. Resin crowns will need to be replaced sooner (after about 5 years) than a ceramic or porcelain crown which will need to be replaced after about 15 – 20 years.

How Much Do Crowns Cost?

Depending on the material, the extent of damage or decay on your tooth, and your dental insurance, the price of getting a crown can vary. Fortunately, our office offers many different payment options including a dental membership plan that can discount your cost by up to 20%.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Crown?

At Stetson Hills Dental, we recommend an initial consult before getting a crown. At this appointment, we will discuss what type of crown you may need (full or 3/4) and what material to use (usually porcelain or metal). We will also get a mold of the tooth in question.

After the initial consult, getting a crown takes two appointments. At the first appointment, we will remove the decayed or damaged portion of your tooth and fit you with a plastic crown. You will then come back for a second appointment, to remove the temporary crown, clean your tooth, and cement the permanent crown in place.

Get Started

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care in Colorado Springs. If you are in need of a crown due to tooth decay or a tooth injury, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We would love to care for your teeth!