Top 100 Dental Blogs

There are a lot of places that you can look for dental insight and information. In order to save you some time and help you find the best, here are the Top 100 Dental Blogs of 2014.

  1. Ask Dr. Spindel – Dr. Spindel has been giving dental advice for patients and dentists since 1982.

  2. Dental BD –  A culmination of information from dental professionals that is geared for dentists, student, patients and more.

  3. Marty Jablow’s Dental Technology Blog –  Dr. Martin Jablow is a leader in dental technology and advancement.

  4. Azalea Dental  – Dr. Riley and his staff organize this blog about the natural beauty and importance of a smile.

  5. The Curious Dentist  Dr. Chris Salierno offers insight into his favorite blogs for marketing for dentists.

  6. DMD Student –  Those that are still in dental school will love finding more information pertaining to the industry in this blog from Ben Johnson.

  7. Excursives – Ryan Dulde is a renowned dental professional with one of the top sites for dental news.

  8. Stetson Hills Dentist – Dr. Moore brings over 25 years of experience to his patients and followers.

  9. Dentistry Library Blog – University Of Toronto –  A multitude of dentist come to this blog to list about their experiences and successes in the industry.

  10. B. Lawrence Bennett, DDS – You can find plenty of information regarding holistic and green dental care from Dr. Lawrence Bennett.

  11. Cheyenne Dental Group – Learn how to travel safely to Sin City with dental tips from one of the premier dental offices in Las Vegas.

  12. Greg D. Larson, DDS – Greg Larson has over two decades in the industry, and he passes on information to his readers in this blog.

  13. New Hampshire Family Dentistry – Whether it’s for yourself, your family or someone else you know, find out tons of information from New Hampshire Family Dentistry’s blog.

  14. Matt’s Dental School and Air Force Blog – Matthew Lee was awarded the Health Professions Scholarship Program from the US Air Force. His content is detail oriented and helpful on a variety of topics.

  15. Dr. Kip Jones – Dr. Kim Jones once worked at the Unite States Air Force Academy, and he passes on his experience in this blog.

  16. Go Ask Fred – Maintained by the creator of 1-800-DENTIST, Fred Joyal offers insight into dental marketing and ways to maximize your brand.

  17. Dr. Heringer – Dr. Heringer is one of the most renowned dentists in South Dakota, and you can find more information regarding the practice here.

  18. Sandy Family Dentistry – Get advice from an entire family of dentists at the Sandy Family Dentistry blog.

  19. Dr. Solomon Pediatric Dental – Find out more about children’s oral health from Dr. Solomon.

  20. Dr. Anthony Lordo – It’s not all about teeth in this blog from Dr. Anthony Lordo, but everything finds a way to relate to your oral health.

  21. The Studio For Exceptional Dentistry – Dr. Andrew Hall has been practicing for over a decade, and he updates this blog weekly.

  22. Metro Dental Associates – Find information about emergency dental care and ensuring you are safe when needed from Metro Dental Associates.

  23. Rayhan & Marvizi – Find answers to all of your sleep apnea and other dental questions from this blog from Joseph Marvizi.

  24. Dickey Family Dentistry – Dr. Dickey keeps his patients up to date on oral health with his blog at least once a week.

  25. Delta Dental Of Colorado – Delta Dental has plenty of writers who add to this blog, which provides detailed and relevant information for the seasons.

  26. Center For Reconstructive Dentistry  – Whether you need insight into reconstructive treatment or just general care, you can find it from Dr. Sherri Worth.

  27. American Dental Plan – The American Health Network has been serving Arizona for over three decades, so look here for their insight into oral care.

  28. Olympus View Dental  – The Toothache Pros at Olympus View Dental offer valuable insight from their helpful blog.

  29. Irena Vaksman DDS – Dr. Irena Vaksman offers plenty of insight into many common questions regarding dental care.

  30. Mississippi Dental Association Blog – This blog is ideal for dentists looking to find out more about the industry.

  31. McLoughlin Dental Care – Dr. McLoughlin has been practicing for a decade and she updates her blog about dental care once a week, if not more.

  32. Bryson and Margio – Drs. Bryson and Margio have over 30 years of combined dental experience, and they update their blog on a regular basis.

  33. Assure Smile Blog – Keep your teeth clean with holistic methods suggested from Assure Smile dentistry.

  34. Mohamed Ali, DDS – Dr. Mohamed Ali has been working in the San Francisco area for many years and his blog is relevant with new information in the industry.

  35. Watson Dental Care – It’s all happy smiles when you’re in Orlando. Watson Dental gives readers insight with their blog on a monthly basis.

  36. Dickinson Dentistry  – Kevin Dickinson has over 10 years of experience practicing dentistry, and he gives advice in his weekly blog.

  37. Colorado Dental Arts – Cosmetic dentistry questions can be answered here, as Dr. Froning has over three decades of experience that he puts into his blog.

  38. Capstone Dental – Great questions and even better answers are available with this database of blogs from Capstone Dental.

  39. Dr. Aki Shirakura – You’ll be sure to never skip flossing, or any other dental treatment, after reading this blog from Dr. Shirakura.

  40. Veterinary Dentistry Today – Don’t forget your pets oral care is just as important as yours! Read more about keeping your pets healthy with this blog.

  41. Blome Family Dentistry – Find out more about how to care for cosmetic dentistry treatments from Blome Family Dentistry.

  42. Marielaina Perrone – All of your questions pertaining to cosmetic dentistry can be found through Dr. Perrone from Las Vegas.

  43. Coyote Creek Dental – With over a decade of experience, rely on the Coyote Creek Dental blog for insight into detailed questions you have about oral care.

  44. Bastien Dental Care – Those considering Invisalign for a straighter smile can find out more from Bastien Dental Care.

  45. Mall of Georgia – Find out more about how your health is greatly affected by your oral care from the Mall Of Georgia blog.

  46. Falmouth Dental Arts – If you are concerned with your aging health and it’s affect on your teeth, look no further than Falmouth Dental Arts’ blog.

  47. Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics – Richard Chaet is a fun and caring pediatric dentist who provides blog info for parents.

  48. Austin Dental Center – There is a vast amount of insight at this dental blog, brought to you by the Austin Dental Center.

  49. Central Dental Blog – The food you are eating can determine the health of your teeth, which you can find out more about here.

  50. Genesis Dental Care – Dr. Sanghi has been practicing dental care since 2002, and he offers international advice in his blog.

  51. Dr. Aria Irvani – Dr. Irvani provides insight as a trusted dental provider in Orange County, California.

  52. Michael Sinkin, D.D.S. – Read this blog for some truly inspiring stories about how dental care can change your life.

  53. German Dental Blog – Need advice from a German dentist? You’ll find it here.

  54. Dr. Joseph R. Loftus – You’ll feel highly informed after reading information from Dr. Joseph R. Loftus’ blog.

  55. Van Timmeren Family Dentistry – This blog from Van Timmeren Family Dentistry offers insight into how to deal with children and growing pains associated with dental care.

  56. Low Country Dental – Helping patients for over 20 years, David Snyder updates his blog regularly with varying information.

  57. Implant & General Dentistry Of Middle Tennessee – Learn that it’s never too late for your oral care. Read more from the Implant & General Dentistry blog.

  58. William P. Glaros  – Dr. William P. Glaros will help you find better health through dentistry advice in this blog.

  59. Tigard Family Dental – Aimed to help you balance health and fitness, this blog also takes a look at the importance of oral care for a healthy body.

  60. Dr. Arthur A. Kezian – Dr. Kezian is one of Los Angeles’ most trusted dentist’s, and he informs patients through this blog.

  61. The Richardson Dentist – The Richardson Dentist offers over 10 years of experience from multiple different writers.

  62. – Dr. Kim Henry offers nearly 40 years of dental advice in his blog.

  63. Dental Life Blog – This blog has a large catalogue of topics dating back more than 3 years.

  64. Jenny Miller Lexington Dentist – Learn the predictors of bad oral health from Jenny Miller’s personal blog.

  65. Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry – From pediatric help to guidance for older patients, you’ll find plenty of help from Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry’s blog.

  66. Dr. Steven Aaron  – Learn more about dental care and the importance of tooth enamel from Dr. Steven Aaron’s 30 years of experience.

  67. Fisichelli, Beach & Brar Family Dentistry – This blog makes you feel like part of the community, even if you live nowhere near New Hampshire.

  68. Craig Smith DDS – Find out how to have the perfect smile, no matter the occasion.

  69. Dental Implant Professional – This blog comes from Taiwanese dentist, Ajou Huang, and shows detailed images of dental procedures.

  70. Dale Dental Blog  – David Lesh, CDT has been giving advice from Dale Dental for over 14 years.

  71. Hudson Highlands Dentistry – Dr. John T. Lynch updates his blog weekly for insight on how to keep your teeth clean and breath smelling great.

  72. Virginia Family Dentistry – This blog is very welcoming, as Virginia Family Dentistry informs readers of the daily events at their office, as well as other helpful dental information.

  73. Thomas F. Tomlo Cosmetic Dentistry  – Find the best cosmetic dental procedure information from Thomas F. Tomlo.

  74. Mansfield Dental Center – Whether you need help with your smile, or you want advice on life, Dr. Mansfield provides it from this blog.

  75. Steve S. Lim, D.M.D. – Learn more about how to get over your fears of visiting the dentist and much more from San Jose’s Dr. Steve Lim.

  76. Lynn Dental Care – Research information regarding dental technology with this blog from Dallas.

  77. Robert Wilkoff D.D.S. – Dr. Robert Wilkoff lends dental insight from over 20 years of experience.

  78. Cosmetic Dentist Of Alexandria – Both Dr. Geren and Dr. Mady offer over 20 years of experience in their personal blog.

  79. A Perfect Smile Blog – Find keys for a perfect smile from this regularly updated blog.

  80. Dr. Peter Merai from Washington DC – Relieve stress with the oral tips mentioned in this blog from Dr. Peter Merai.

  81. DentalBlu Blog Learn more about how to keep those pearly whites sparkling from this dental blog from DentalBlu.

  82. Dassani Dentistry  – Dassani Dentistry gives you the facts about health and dental from over 15 years of experience.

  83. New York Cosmetic And General Dentistry – Find your Hollywood smile with this blog from New York Cosmetic And General Dentistry.

  84. AJO-DO – The American Journal Of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics provide precise information from a variety of sources.

  85. Van Wicklen Dental & Orthodontics – Van Wicklen Dental and Orthodontics has over 30 years of experience, and their blog is incredibly comprehensive.

  86. Damron Dental Care – Glies Damron, D.D.S. lends his advice with this blog that’s updated once a month.

  87. Brown Family Dentistry – Find out more regarding dental care, as well as the education that goes into it from Brown Family Dentistry.

  88. Smile South Florida – All of your cosmetic dental questions can be answered from Smile South Florida’s blog.

  89. harvey M Levin DDS – Dr. Harvey Levin offers over a decade of information in his personal blog.

  90. Austin Family & Pediatric Dentistry – This is a relatively new blog, but it already provides tons of great insight into your family’s oral health.

  91. Northeast Arkansas Dentistry – Plenty of great tips mentioned in this dental blog from Northeast Arkansas Dentistry.

  92. Thompson Westlake Dental Blog – Find out more on how to get kids to enjoy brushing their teeth from this helpful blog from Westlake Dental.

  93. Dr. Tom Trinker’s Blog – From basic insight to detailed information, you’ll be happy after reading Dr. Tom Trinker’s blog.

  94. Thomson Reuters – This site is geared towards dental professionals that are looking to stay updated with information regarding their industry.

  95. Stone Ridge Dental Care Blog – Get information from the three dentists that make up Stone Ridge Dental Care in Ohio.

  96. Peace Valley Dentistry Blog – Updated twice weekly, Peace Valley Dentistry offers valuable information from dentists and patients.

  97. Cassopolis Dental Blog – These blogs are simple and to the point. Perfect for readers who want to quickly finish what they are reading for oral health.

  98. Palos Pediatric Dentistry – Palos Pediatric Dentistry writes in their blog about how happy smiles make for happy families.

  99. Black Mountain Dentist Blog – Mark Kleive may be new to the industry, but this allows for him to write about modern dental technology in his blog.

  100. NYC Dentist – New York City has to have some of the most beautiful smiles in the world. Learn how they keep up with the care of Broadway stars and athletes with this blog.

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