Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery: Before and After

Smile-Makeover-beforeSmile-Makeover-After This patient was very unhappy with his smile, due to his cracked front teeth. He wouldn’t smile, hated to take pictures, and was warned by his employer that he needed to be ‘smiling more to the customers’. He also admitted that his wife didn’t seem to “want to kiss him as much.”

This was done in 2 visits, about 2 weeks apart. As you can see the 4 front crowns we used gave him back a great smile. We also whitened his remaining teeth, giving him the smile that gave him back his self confidence, job security, and becoming ‘more kissable’!

Beautiful Veneers

Beautiful-Veneers-BeforeBeautiful-Veneers-afterThis patient had a problem smiling also. She is an extremely outgoing person, but her teeth kept her from ‘showing off her personality’.

All her life she was hiding her smile under her hand when she laughed, tried to hide her smile when a photograph was taken, and hated her self image. She was getting ready for her daughter’s wedding, and wanted to surprise her daughter by smiling in all the wedding photographs.

Porcelain Veneers

This was done with porcelain veneers in 2 appointments, about 3 weeks apart. Needless to say, she was very pleased with the results, and her daughter considered it a wedding gift because she got great photographs of her mom smiling.

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