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Oral sedation Colorado Springs is used for various dental treatments including tooth extractions, fillings, and cleanings. The effect of conscious sedation is a very relaxed state. The patient is able to speak and respond to the dental staff. The sedation consists of Benzodiazapines, a drug known to have amnesic effects for some individuals. The medications that maybe be used are triazolam and madazolon, a liquid that is given to children orally.

sedationThere are advantages of oral sedations, such as it is easily administered to patients. The patient, adult or child swallows a small pill that may cause drowsiness or occasional sleeping. Nurses and dentists in Colorado Springs, CO, can monitor patients safely and efficiently. The oral sedation is the lowest costs of all sedation options available. Children and adults are comfortable and better relaxed with this type of sedation. While there is no reason to be anxious when Dr. Moore is working on your teeth, we are also prepared to administer sedatives to patients who require such help to remain calm during a procedure. This is always done in a responsible manner, with sedative dosage and patient reactions monitored closely by the medical staff.

The Pros and Cons of Sedation Dentistry

A minor inconvenience of oral sedation is it provides no analgesic to relieve pain immediately. The patient is unable to drive after intake of medication. The sedation can’t be changed to higher levels. Adults who are given the sedation need someone to drive them home after treatment. It may require hours for a patient to felt normal again after given the sedation, but it is nearly guaranteed that a visit to Colorado Springs dental offices will not become traumatic in any way. When the patient is completely at ease, the best dentist in Colorado Springs can get to him more readily and focus on doing his job, regardless how distracted the patient was in the beginning.

Oral sedation dentistry is a common method that requires no needles. The biggest fear of young children and some adults of all ages are needles. For safety purposes only, the patient is semi-conscience. Conscious sedation is given by swallowing a pill or a liquid of a syrup consistency. The syrup like liquid is given to younger children. The pills are given to older children and adults.

Children and adults can be given the drug to overcome fear of Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry treatments. Oral sedation tends to bring the patient to a relaxed and calm state. It can help reduce levels of anxiety to make the office visit productive and efficient. For some patients, whose teeth might require certain painful procedures to be treated, administering oral sedatives can be a way to deal with the stress and endure longer sessions in the Colorado Springs dentist’s chair.

Dental work with no pain or stress

Combined with anesthetic medications, sedatives can completely rid the patient of unpleasant sensations and make any Colorado Springs emergency dental procedure more psychologically bearable. Even the most sensitive types can make it through a couple of hours in the dentist’s chair with the help of oral sedatives. Fear is not an obstacle that should keep anyone from maintaining their teeth in good condition and oral sedatives are a way to prevent that.

You can relax with Dr. Moore

Sedation dentistry is a routine discipline, but nonetheless one that needs to be performed skillfully and precisely. Dr. Gary Moore has decades of professional experience behind him and can make sure that the patient is under full control throughout the procedure. It is very easy to relax when the procedure under sedatives is handled by a Colorado Springs, CO, dentist who has been through a similar exercise hundreds of times before. Even if the procedure takes a long time and involves various invasive elements, Dr. Moore will always stay in close contact with the patient to ensure his wellbeing is not threatened in any way. Call or e-mail Stetson Hills Dental to learn more about possible administration of sedatives during your dental procedure.

The Cost of Sedation Dentistry

The cost of sedation dentistry depends entirely on whether you opt for oral sedation, intravenous, or gaseous methods, though oral sedation is generally better for those who fear needles and have high anxiety when visiting the dentist. The amount you pay for sedation dentistry also depends on how much sedative is needed for the procedure, which is also determined by the level of anxiety you feel before undergoing your procedure with Dr. Moore and the staff of Stetson Hills.

With all that information in mind, you can expect the cost of sedation dentistry to range between $200 – $1000. This cost does not include the amount you’ll pay for the procedure being performed. Also note that your dental insurance plan will not likely cover the cost of sedation dentistry, but keep in mind we do offer special financing and payment plans to help ease the burden. For dental warranty click here!

Why Dr. Gary Moore?

Dr. Gary Moore has been practicing cosmetic dentistry since 1986. He earned his doctorate from Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry where he also served as a faculty member. He has logged hundreds of continuing education hours in the field of cosmetic dentistry – no procedure is too difficult for him and his expert staff. They are constantly studying new and exciting ways to help remedy their patient’s’ cosmetic needs, and place a priority on making their patients feel comfortable while visiting the office. It’s understandable that some clients feel anxiety when visiting the dentist, however just a single consultation with the staff at Stetson Hills will ease your worried mind!

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