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emergency dentistry colorado springsWhat Should You Know Before Calling After Hours?

When it comes to oral health problems, the result can be extremely painful and devastatingly discomforting. Teeth and the mouth in general have several networks of nerves, roots, and other pain receptors that can cause a feeling of pain when injured or impacted. Those that find themselves in this situation are in need of some type of immediate relief. Unfortunately, if the problem occurs between office hours or on the weekend, it is possible that no anecdote or said relief can be found, leaving a patient to fight the pain on their own until a dentist can be seen. Or, at least this was the case.

More and more practices, including our own dental team at Stetson Hills Dental, are taking note that emergency dentistry is an important service to provide to their patients and clientele. After all, you cannot control when an emergency will happen so ensuring that it comes at a time when a dentist will be in office and available is a bit difficult to say the least. Those that want emergency dentistry, however, should be aware of the different aspects, problems, and procedures that will result in an emergency dental appointment. Not everything, essentially, will be considered a problem needing emergency care.

What is a Dental Emergency?

The definition of a dental emergency is not a singular practice or condition. Rather, the term refers to a whole host of processes that can impact the body and, more specifically, the oral region of it. While pain is not a singular determinant, it is one of the most likely of occurrence that will result in a dentist seeing a patient. Extreme pain as the result of a broken tooth, trauma, or inflammation of the gums and surrounding structures should result in a dental visit as soon as possible. This is not only because of the relief needed for basic human functions to return but also because of the need to prevent an injury or emergency from growing into a larger problem.

A tooth and a first aid case. 3D rendered illustration.

Pain, however, should not be considered the only reason to see a dentist. If, for instance, an individual has an occurrence that impacts the dental structures to the point of aesthetic decline, speech impairment, or another life-altering and daily function stressing problem, then, this can be seen as a problem that requires an emergency dentist. Having a dentist identify the problem and begin a treatment plan can be an extremely beneficial way to ensure that the issues is best handled and addressed more rapidly, eliminating the gap in time that could cause further problems.

Further, any time there is a believed fracture or bone displacement, an emergency dentistry provider should be contacted. A small and rather painless issue can become something much, much worse in these cases so be sure that you reach out and find a qualified professional to help immediately. At Stetson Hills Dental, we believe in providing this care and can help you to identify whether or not you may be exhibiting the signs of a true and apparent need for help.

What Should I Look for in an Emergency Dentist?

As noted, more and more individuals and patients are finding that they are struggling to locate a dentist when an emergency dental situation arises. That is why dental practices are growing in the number of different services they provide their patients during these dental disasters. Unfortunately, not all dentists that proclaim to provide twenty-four seven care actually do and if provided, they may not all provide the quality of our own Stetson Hills Dental. Therefore, patients should take a moment and think about with whom they trust for their dental procedures.

A dentist that offers twenty-four seven dental care should be in an established location with an established reputation. In times of pain, discomfort, or fear, it can be tempting to rush to the individual that offers the most rapid of responses. It is important, though, to think about with whom you are going to complete the work and address your needs, especially if it is not your own dentist office. Do some research and make sure that you have read the reviews prior to entering into a dental office that promises this level of care. It will help to protect you and your wallet.

What Is the Cost of Emergency Dentistry?

The truth is that dental emergencies are likely to cost you more, with many dentists charging an emergency fee. This is to be expected and is appropriate when the fee is manageable. After all, the dentist will likely have to rearrange and possibly divert other patients so there is that expectation of a fee-for-service increase. If the fee seems outlandish or cost-prohibitive, though, then reevaluate the dentist office you are choosing. Again, predatory dental practices with negative or ill-established reputations often seek the chance to take advantage. Avoid this at all costs by doing at least some research prior to reaching out.

It is best to find a qualified dental practice to handle your dental emergencies well before they present. That is to say that by understanding, knowing, and researching a dental practice and what they require for aid, you are putting yourself in a better position to find a solution when a dental emergency comes about. At Stetson Hills Dental, Dr. Gary Moore offers a number of dental procedures including emergency dentistry. We are more than happy to explain our practices. You can get in touch by giving us a call at (719) 694-0400.

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