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Night Guards for Bruxism in Colorado Springs

bruxism colorado springsBruxism can be very serious and very painful. It is very common, and yet a patient may not even be aware they have this bad habit! Bruxism is the clenching of the jaw and the grinding of the teeth. It is not only damaging to a patient’s health and enjoyment of life, but also it can cause damage to the teeth, gums and jaws.

What are bruxism symptoms?

Bruxism is a very common sleep disorder, but a patient may grind their teeth and clench their jaws during the day as well. It can cause:

  • Muscle pain in the head and neck
  • Severe headaches
  • Jaw muscles that always feel painful, tight, and tired
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Earaches

Bruxism can even lead to anxiety, depression and eating disorders. If it is left untreated, it can damage and fracture teeth, or even make teeth crooked. This can lead to gum disease, gum recession and eventual tooth loss. It can cause arthritis in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the joint that allows the jaw to open and close. It can eventually change the way your face looks and can cause permanent hearing loss.

How will Dr. Moore diagnose bruxism?

Many people find out that they have bruxism because their significant other tells them how loudly they are grinding their teeth while they sleep!

Teeth that are worn down, flattened, fractured, chipped or loose may be another sign of bruxism. Patients with bruxism may have tooth enamel that is worn down, indentations on the tongue or damage to the inside of the cheek caused by chewing. Dr. Moore will have to check carefully to determine if bruxism is the cause of these problems or if something else may be causing them. Some of these problems can be caused by acidic soft drinks, abrasive foods or overly aggressive brushing.

What are some bruxism causes?

There may be a psychological cause for bruxism, such as stress, anger, frustration or anxiety. A person who has a personality type that is hyperactive, aggressive, or competitive may be more likely to have bruxism.

There may be physical causes of bruxism. It may be the result of an unusual reaction to a medication, acid reflux affecting the esophagus or an abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth.

What are bruxism treatments?

It is best to get help for bruxism as soon as possible before teeth are seriously damaged. If Dr. Moore diagnoses you with bruxism, there are many different ways to try to find relief. The treatment, of course, depends on why you may clench your teeth.

If your bruxism is caused by stress and anxiety, you can try to find ways to relax. You can try speaking to a counselor about dealing with your stress, or finding a hobby that relaxes you. You might ask your doctor about muscle relaxants.

You should also avoid food and drinks that contain caffeine and alcoholic drinks because these are thought to make teeth grinding worse. Avoid chewing on gum and eating chewy foods like bagels, which can make jaw pain worse. Avoid habits, such as chewing on fingernails, ice and pens. If you find that your jaw muscles are sore, painful, and tense at the end of the day, try a warm compress on your face.

Dr. Moore might suggest that you start using a night guard. Night guards are made of plastic and are made to cover teeth. They separate the top and bottom teeth, which prevents the patient from grinding their teeth while they sleep.

The first step of getting a night guard is for Dr. Moore to examine your teeth to determine exactly what kind of night guard is right for you. He will take an impression of your teeth, which will be used to make your night guard. Although it may feel strange at first, most patients get used to wearing their night guards within a few days.

How much will a night guard cost?

The cost of a night guard and treatment for bruxism can vary, depending on what is causing the bruxism and what the entire treatment will include.

However, Stetson Hills Dental does accept many different types of insurance, and the staff would be happy to help you determine how much, if any, your insurance will pay for bruxism treatment. Stetson Hills Dental also takes major credit cards and personal checks as well as offering financing, discounts on full-family treatment and full payment incentives.

If you are having headaches, pain in your jaw or any other symptoms that may be bruxism, don’t hesitate! You should see Dr. Moore right away, so that you can find relief and to save your teeth from permanent damage. Call Stetson Hills Dental today for bruxism relief! The number is (719) 694-0400.

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