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night-guardBruxism Treatment and Night Guards

Bruxism is referred to as a chronic and sometimes unconscious gnashing or grinding action of the teeth.

It can be due to a clenching of the jaw and for some may not pose an issue. For others, though, it can produce serious health problems. For those who experience bruxism while sleeping, the chances of problems are likely. Bruxism is recognized as a sleep disorder, and it is among the most common disorders noted. One way to combat the negative affects of bruxism is through night guards.

What’s the Cause of Bruxism, or Teeth Grinding?

People may grind their teeth for any number of reasons. Anxiety or stress are common culprits. Another is a sleep disorder that causing the grinding. This particular cause will increase the chances of your teeth being crooked. It can also cause teeth to become unattached. If you are experiencing dull headaches that reoccur, your jaws are sore or you have experience chipped teeth upon waking, then you could be a sleep grinder. You may want to have someone monitor you while you sleep, and make an appointment with Dr. Gary Moore and the staff at Stetson Hills right away. Click here!

What Are some Common Symptoms of Bruxism?

Loosening, loss of teeth and tooth fractures are very common with bruxism. Some have worn their teeth down so bad they had to all be removed and replaced. Ultimately bruxism can have a negative affect on your jaw, change the appearance of your facial features, or cause permanent hearing loss. A dental appointment should be made as soon as there are any suspicions that you or a loved one may be experiencing this disorder. A mouth guard may be supplied to prevent further damages to the mouth and body.

What Kind of Complications Can Occur?

There are many complications that can come from this condition if it remains untreated. The longer you go without treatment, the harder it will be to correct the damages that have been done. It can go from nothing to something serious overnight. Do not put off seeking out an appointment with your Dr. Moore. Even if you merely suspect there may be a problem, seek treatment right away.

How Can I Avoid Grinding My Teeth At Night?

Some tips that may help you control the grinding are to avoid caffeine and alcohol. Don’t chew non-food items. Be consciously aware of tooth grinding while you are awake, and practice jaw relaxation. You may also try to hold a warm cloth by your ear and at the jaw.

Do not try this as a substitute for seeing a dental hygienist. It is imperative that you seek appropriate care, as this is a very serious disorder.

Stetson Hills Dental is the perfect place to get your night guard from a certified source, which can be the best solution to your problems with bruxism. With a mouth guard approved for you by an experienced professional, you can sleep calmly with no worries that your teeth will be damaged during the night.

Extra options won’t cost you extra

A brief appointment with Dr. Moore is all it takes to find out exactly what type of mouth guard is suitable for you. Addressing an issue early is always smarter than allowing the problem to escalate, so getting a mouth guard in time can save you a lot of money that you would have to spend repairing teeth damaged by the grinding.

Don’t wait to fix the problem

Getting in touch with Stenton Hills Dental and getting an appointment is very simple and you could have your new mouth guard ready in just several days. There is no need to suffer from compulsive teeth grinding and sustain tissue damage for even one week longer when the solution is just a single phone call or e-mail away.

Choose Dr. Moore at Stetson Hills Dental and relax

With nearly 30 years of dental practice, Dr. Moore knows how to prevent damage to your teeth and treat your tendency to bruxism. You will be in good hands if you leave the care about your dental health to one of the best professionals in his class. Ask any of his patients about his knowledge and dedication to details – you will see them showing their smile. Read More!

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