The Merits of Wearing Dentures

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A denture is a removable replacement for one’s missing natural teeth. Dentures come in two main categories, complete and partial dentures. While complete dentures are meant to replace one’s complete dental formula, partial dentures are used when you do not lose all your natural teeth. Complete dentures further come in two main categories conventional and immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are worn the moment the process of teeth removal has been carried out successfully. In this case therefore, the wearer of the denture doesn’t need to move with a sign of missing teeth. However conventional is more advisable since the process of healing in a removed teeth may lead to shrinking of tissues and bones. Wearing dentures come with the following advantages that you will indeed enjoy.

Improved Confidence

Many people who do not have their complete set of teeth tend to be less confident. In fact this also lowers their self esteem in a far greater way. In many cases they may shy away from public association, experience discomfort in eating, or even have only specific food that they can chew. However when you wear dentures, you will no longer have to worry about such issues. This is because no one will notice that you have any missing teeth or that you are wearing dentures. You will also be able to feed on a range of food.

Minimizes Wear and Tear

With few teeth in your dental formula, the remaining teeth will have to do an extra job. This will make them incur a lot of wear and tear as the job magnitude will increase. They will do a lot of chewing and in turn drift towards the opening spaces and out of alignment. However when you choose to have dentures as an option, your teeth will carry out their function normally and no fear of overuse may arise.

Improved Speech

Pronunciation of various letters in our daily speech depends on the placement of our teeth. With few teeth in the mouth one may miss a few syllables here and there. This will lead to impaired speech, being misunderstood, or simply low self esteem. However when you wear dentures your speech will be improved and will indeed sound natural. Consequently it will limit the chances of being misunderstood of giving the wrong pronunciations.

Satisfactory Digestion of Food

The main function of the teeth is to chew food. Through chewing most large food portions that we take are broken down into smaller food particles. Since food digestion begins in the mouth, breaking down food into small particles is very important. This is so because most food that has been broken down by the teeth will easily be digested by the enzymes. This will in turn produce an effective digestion process and absorption of nutrients. Adequate absorption of body nutrients is vital as the body will not experience any lack of nutrients.


Wearing dentures is not something that one should develop cold feet towards. With the right kind of professional dental services, managing dentures will prove very simple. Therefore in case you accidentally lose your teeth, or just in case you have undergone a dental procedure, consider the use of dentures.

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