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One modern tool that is an important part of dental patient care is the intraoral camera.

Dr. Gary Moore and the staff at Stetson Hills Dental in Colorado Springs combine many things to give patients the best of care — good old-fashioned dentistry techniques, great customer service, a comfortable atmosphere, and the latest in dental technology!

intraoral scanner colorado springs

What is an intraoral camera?

An intraoral camera is a very tiny camera with a light attached to it. It is about the size of a dental mirror, so it fits easily into a patient’s mouth and can be maneuvered around so that every detail can be captured.

The images the camera captures are projected onto a monitor so that Dr. Moore can get a close look at your teeth and gums and can catch any problems or potential problems.

How does this kind of technology benefit the patient?

There are many ways that an intraoral camera helps to ensure that patients get the best of care:

  • Our intraoral camera in Colorado Springs can be used to zoom in on a specific area, and the image can be magnified. With this image, the patient sees what the dentist sees, making it easy for the dentist to show what the problem is and why he or she needs the suggested treatment.
  • If a patient is going to have a treatment or dental procedure, it can take “before” and “after” pictures of the patient’s teeth. It can also record how a patient’s teeth and other structures have changed over the years.
  • Getting a close look at teeth can reveal where a patient may be lacking in their oral hygiene regimen. Dr. Moore can point out if the patient should brush or floss better in one particular area, and advise the patient about how to take better care of their teeth before decay sets in.
  • The images from an intraoral camera can quickly and easily be sent to a specialist if a referral is needed. They can also be sent to the patient’s insurance company so that the recommended treatment can be approved quickly.

What else will happen during my dental exam?

Use of the intraoral camera is just one part of the exam. Dr. Moore will also perform a thorough exam of your teeth using other, old-fashioned methods.

The staff at Stetson Hills Dental will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth to remove plaque and prevent the build-up of tartar. No matter how well you brush and floss at home, sometimes plaque can be hard to get off teeth. It can harden and become tartar. If tartar is not removed from teeth, it can cause many problems, such as gum disease. Your hygienist at Stetson Hills Dental will need to remove any tartar with special tools.

Dr. Moore will also evaluate your gums for any signs of problems, such as gum disease. If you have any restorations such as a bridge, a filling, or a dental implant, he will check it to make sure it is in good condition and fits comfortably.

He will check your face, neck, and lymph nodes for any abnormalities or signs of disease. Symptoms of some diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease, can also appear in the mouth.

He will also evaluate your bite. If your top and bottom teeth don’t align properly, it can cause a lot of pain and problems. Poor alignment can cause the enamel on teeth to wear down, making teeth more susceptible to tooth decay.

He will check your jaw joint for any signs of trouble. Jaw joint problems are very common and can result in headaches, head and neck pain, and many other painful issues.

He will look for any signs that you may have bruxism. Bruxism is the clenching of the jaw and the grinding of teeth. Millions of people have bruxism, but many don’t even realize it! Bruxism can cause many problems that Dr. Moore will be able to see, such as fractures in teeth and gum recession and tooth loss. It can also cause headaches, sensitive teeth, and chronically painful jaw muscles.

The dental exam is also the perfect opportunity for a professional to check for oral cancer. Dr. Moore will check for any suspicious lumps, sores, bumps, or patches on the top of the mouth (the hard palate), the tongue, the cheeks, the lips, and the throat.

Using a combination of old-fashioned dentistry and the latest in technology, like the intraoral camera, Dr. Moore and his staff at Stetson Hills Dental provide patients with the best of care!

If you are due for your dental exam, give Stetson Hills Dental in Colorado Springs a call! The number is (719) 694-0400.

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