I Have Pain And Need Help Now

I Have Tooth Pain and Need Help Now

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A toothache is terrible, we are here to help in a dental emergency. Call us at (719) 694-0400 in the Colorado Springs area.

We understand the urgency with toothaches, or any type of pain in or around your mouth. It disrupts your life in a drastic way. Your first step is to call us at 719-694-0400 and see an emergency dentist in our office as soon as possible. We will take an x ray and try to determine the cause of your problem.  Click here and you can request your FREE consultation and x-ray. After you make your appointment, click here for our online new patient registration forms. This will make your first appointment quicker and easier for you.

Please don’t wait, toothaches tend to only get worse until they are properly taken care of.

Call today, 719-694-0400.

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