How Dental Office Managers Can Save Environment

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Dental office managers are able to save the environment in simple ways. Even though many dental practices are unaware of their ability to make a positive change within the environment, there are numerous ways in which an office can cut back upon their waste and clear up the air. Going green within a dental office can be a benefit not only to the staff and the environment, but the community as a whole.

Encourage alternative commuting

When driving to work, your car omits a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air which can damaging to the environment. Encouraging staff to arrive to work using different methods can be very beneficial to the air and the environment. Examples of alternative commuting including walking to work, biking to work and carpooling to work. Each time a staff member chooses an alternative method to going to work, consider offering an incentive to keep up this positive change in the environment.

Unplug and turn off equipment

Dental professionals use a variety of equipment and machines throughout the day, but not all are used at one time. Taking the time to unplug and turn off equipment that is not being used not only can drastically reduce electricity bills, but can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are made from the over use of energy. Turning off and unplugging all equipment and lights at the end of the day can be a huge benefactor to the environment because it gets rid of those bad greenhouse gases that clog up the air.


Recycling paper is one of the most common and simple ways to be environmentally friendly. It requires little effort to recycle paperwork that is no longer being used or would be trash anyways. Electing to recycle means that the resources will be reused by the community rather than ending up in a landfill somewhere. In addition to recycling paper, recycling old machines and equipment is also a great way to be environmentally friendly. Keeping items out of landfills is important to keeping the earth clean. Besides recycling items, dental practices can also use items that have been recycled in their efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Reduce the amount of water used

Dental practices use an average of 57,000 gallons of water every year. Reducing the amount of water used is important in protecting the environment because it allows that water to be allocated for other uses. Once water has been used, it goes through a plumbing system and ends up in a lake or river. Electing to keep water within the system is a great way to conserve it and help the environment.

Increase the amount of plants

Plants and trees are important in the oxygen production of the earth, and having some within the office can be beneficial to staff and patients. Allocating to plant trees and plants outside of a dental practice can also be largely beneficial to the environment because it creates more oxygen for living things.

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