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Stetson Hills Dental Practice Promise and Warranty

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Our pledge of quality: Stetson Hills Dental gives you a Dental Warranty

Here at Stetson Hills Dental, we appreciate the confidence of our customers and we understand this is not something we can take for granted. That’s why we are committed to the well-being of our patients on a long-term basis, aiming to protect their dental health for years to come. In that sense, our professional ethics and financial interests of our customers are perfectly aligned, to the continued benefit of both sides.

Of course, keeping your teeth healthy is not something that depends entirely on the skill of the dentist – it is important that dental care remains ongoing and that the patient uses fluoride products daily and pays  visits to the dentist’s office in regular intervals. That said, we still have our part of the bargain to meet and we take this obligation as our professional duty.

To protect the interests of our patients to maximal degree,
Stetson Hills Dental offers a limited dental warranty on the
following types of dental services:

Porcelain crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers

A full five (5) year coverage against any fracture damage to porcelain elements used for reconstruction of your dental tissue. In case any damage occurs in the aforementioned period, it will be repaired at no cost for the patient.

Gold and porcelain elements fused to dental crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers made of metal

A ten (10) year guarantee on all gold and porcelain attached to metal restorations. Fractures or other types of damage within the warranty period will be fixed at no extra cost.

Cosmetic denture teeth

For cosmetic dentures and porcelain tooth replacements, there is a three (3) year warranty in place, assuming normal use of those dental implements. Any fractured dentures or teeth will be replaced free of charge.

Dental implants

While we have yet to encounter a failed dental implant in our practice, we are nonetheless ready to provide our patients with two (2) year coverage after the operation. The only exception to this policy might affect people with certain diabetic conditions, but we avoid recommending dental implants to such patients in the first place.

Dental sealants

All interventions that include the use of dental sealants come with a two (2) year guarantee, with free repairs provided in case of deterioration within the covered period.

Composite fillings or bondings

For a period of two (2) years, in the case of any fractures or other type of damage occurring during normal use of bondings or composite fillings obtained from us, the patient gets dental repairs or replacement implements at no additional cost.

In order for the warranty to remain in force, the patient must meet the following conditions:

  1. Continued membership with our practice
  2. Respecting the recommended schedule of continuing care meetings, with no more than thirty (30) days deviation from the plan
  3. Positive balance on the individual account
  4. Following all procedures and treatments recommended by Dr. Moore
  5. Refraining from chewing very hard foods or non-food items

The dental warranty covers only services explicitly mentioned in this document and can’t be interpreted to include any other dental issues.

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