Brushing Teeth While Mountain Climbing

rocky-mountainThe Rocky Mountains open up like the heavens with tourists in summer in Colorado. If you’re a local Colorado Springs resident and you haven’t been to the Rockies yet, you’re missing a great deal of a travel experience. Visiting the Rocky Mountain Range is a fulfilling, enjoyable and exhilarating experience that you will never forget. However, for those who prefer to stay indoors, hiking up the Rockies can be challenging, especially for personal hygiene and dental health.

Brushing the teeth, among other hygiene practices, is not easy to do in the mountains where you don’t have direct access to clean, potable water and advanced plumbing systems. You either have to bring several gallons of clean water, which will probably eat up your hiking energy, or gargle with contaminated water from the mountain stream.

If you’re not sure how to keep your pearly whites clean during your hike, here are some tips we’ve prepared for you to follow.

  • Bring just enough water for gargling apart from clean drinking water.

You don’t need a lot of water for gargling and rinsing after brushing. A mouthful is usually enough to rinse off the toothpaste suds. You can bring a separate bottle of tap water for gargling which you can strap onto your arms or legs. This will help you conserve both drinking and gargling water and enable you to brush at least twice in a day.

  • Bring a pot and matchsticks to boil water.

When you run out of clean water, don’t just drink water from a nearby river. Mountain water may seem fresh and clean but the animals living in the forest have all urinated and defecated in these water sources, contaminating them with all sorts of bacteria. A good trick to get some safe water from the mountain is by boiling it. You can easily use the cooking pot you brought to your hike and some matchsticks to burn twigs. When taking water to boil, make sure to choose the cleanest source you can find, like a spring or stream. Boil the water fully so that all bacteria and microorganisms will be killed before you drink it.

  • Bring some floss.

Flossing is still a perfectly sensible dental hygiene practice even when you’re outdoors. It even helps with water conservation because you don’t need any water when flossing. If you really have no capability of brushing in the mountain, flossing will serve as the best alternative to keep your teeth clean. However, make sure you floss properly and remove all the food bits and plaque stuck in between and around your teeth.

  • Bring some mouthwash.

Mouthwash also foregoes using water for dental hygiene. However, using mouthwash too frequently can make your teeth sensitive so you should alternate it with flossing if you no longer have the ability to brush. A quick rinse with mouthwash can keep your breath fresh and mouth free from bacteria even when you can’t brush properly.

Before you take your Rockies mountain climbing adventure, it’s best to ensure that your teeth are in shape and ready to miss a few nights of fluoridated toothbrushing. You can pay us a visit in our Stetson Hills Dental Clinic to get proper dental cleaning and preparation before your wilderness expedition. Call us at (719) 838-5013 or set an online appointment via our website. Our senior dentist Dr. Gary Moore will be more than happy to give you an oral exam.

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