Being Active Doesn’t Mean You Have To Forget About Oral Care

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When you live in Colorado, you know how many amazing outdoor sports this state can offer. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, and mountains just a short drive away, many people come to the state just to be active and take in all that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, one of the downsides with Mother Nature is that it doesn’t have many faucets that allow you to stop and brush your teeth. When this happens, your weekend camping trip can actually be causing problems for your oral health. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your next big adventure won’t be something that damages your teeth or gums.


Stay Hydrated

It is imperative that you stay hydrated while in Colorado. While being a mile above sea-level means that you’ll have plenty of amazing views when you climb a mountain, it also means that you are more likely to get dehydrated during normal exercise. To you, being dehydrated may just mean that you’re thirsty and craving a sports drink. However, the best way for you to go is going to be drinking water. When your mouth gets dry, you’re not creating enough saliva to properly flush your mouth and cleanse it of bacteria and other buildup. But when you quickly gulp down your favorite sports drink, your then immediately filling your mouth with sugary fluids that are equally as bad for your teeth and gums. The best way to avoid any of this from happening is to make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids before you head out on your next adventure. And once you get on the trail, try and rely on water whenever your mouth gets parched and you become thirsty.


Avoid Sweets Or Candy

We’ve all been there; we decide that we are going for a hike but there is nothing in the pantry at home, so instead we grab some sweets or a candy bar at the convenience store to snack on when getting hungry on the trail. However, this is never a good idea if you want to maintain great oral health. As you are working and exercising, your body needs healthy nutrients to replenish it. But if you find yourself snacking on sweets and candies that get stuck in your teeth, then you’ll be in for some serious issues. Instead of bringing along candy, load up on nuts or fruits and vegetables. Not only will these be better for your stamina while exercising, but they will also help you keep your smile looking great.


Bring Extra Water

We’ve already mentioned how important it is to stay hydrated while being physically active. However, there is another reason that you may want to take extra water with you, and that’s to help brush your teeth. If you are planning on setting up camp and spending the night somewhere, your options may be limited for what you can brush your teeth with. But if you have plenty of water around, then you can quickly rinse your toothbrush and wash out your mouth to ensure that your teeth are staying healthy while you aren’t at home.


Don’t Forget Floss…

There is really no reason that you can’t take floss with you during your outdoor activity in Colorado. Floss is easy to pack and it can come in handy in a variety of different circumstances. In fact, you might be surprised to know that floss comes in very handy for stitching severe cuts or even tying as a makeshift rope. But even if you don’t have much in the way of MacGyver skills, you’ll still be able to floss your teeth while out and about, which will ensure that you don’t leave any bacteria or buildup stuck in your teeth after a night around the campfire.


… And Mouthwash

Another easy item that you can pack in your bag is a small bottle of mouthwash. Having mouthwash doesn’t mean that you can completely avoid brushing your teeth all-together, but it will come in handy when your options for taking care of your teeth are limited.


It doesn’t take living in Colorado for long before you realize that this state offers some beautiful outdoor opportunities. But along with your hiking shoes, sunblock, and MP3 player, be sure that you also have enough tools to take care of your teeth and gums the next time you go out and get active.


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