8 Reasons on Why It Is Important to Brush Your Teeth

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From a young age, you have heard that it important to brush your teeth. However, do you really know what bad hygiene does to the overall health of your oral cavity. The oral cavity is a very important part of the body that must be maintained. Your mouth can dictate your overall health and well-being. Keeping up your overall oral hygiene is important because the mouth is where everything enters and the cleaner that is, the healthier you will be. We present to you the eight most important reasons you should brush your teeth:

1. Money Saver

The best way to avoid paying expensive dental bills is to prevent any problems from occurring. Daily brushing is important to clean the teeth and gums to prevent any oral problems occurring. Brushing is the cheapest way of removing bacteria or food from the oral cavity. One toothbrush is way cheaper than a root canal therapy procedure.

2. Clean Oral Cavity

Having a clean oral cavity is important for your overall health. If your teeth are not clean, then bad bacteria will be ingested when you eat. A clean oral cavity will improve not just your oral health but also your overall health.

3. Lose The Bad Breath

When you do not brush your teeth, your mouth will begin to unpleasantly smell. This can be fixed by daily brushing or brushing right after you eat. The smell comes from the plaque that sits in between your teeth. Bad breath is not only unpleasant, it is unhealthy because it is an indicator that the oral cavity is dirty. And a dirty oral cavity can lead to many severe oral problems, like gum disease.

4. Prevents Gum Disease

A common form of gum disease that stems from improper or poor cleaning of the oral cavity is Gingivitis. This is the first step of gum disease. In this form, the gum begins to inflammate, making it bleed every time you brush your teeth. The inflammation begins because the plaque in the teeth begin to build up alongside the teeth. Plaque occurs from the normal debris of food that is left over in between the teeth and gum.

5. Prevent Heart Attacks

Recent studies suggest there is a relationship between heart attacks and bacteria from the mouth. Bacteria, such as plaque from the mouth, is travelling to the bloodstream leading to clogged arteries. Brushing prevents the plaque from entering the bloodstream, thus reducing your chances of having a heart attack.

6. Prevent Diabetes From Progressing

Gum disease is related to diabetes, because it can be hard to control blood glucose if one is diagnosed with gum disease. A recent dental study has shown a relationship between gum disease and diabetes. People with gum disease are more susceptible to diabetes. Also, people with diabetes are more susceptible to gum disease. Gum disease can further the progression of diabetes.

7. Have A Healthy Baby

There is a relationship between gum disease and premature birth and low birth weight. Not only just does gum disease only increase chances for premature birth, it can cause delayed conception and impotence. Brushing your teeth is really important to prevent gum disease and ultimately to have a healthy baby.

8. Protect Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth does not only give you a clean and beautiful smile, it also protects your teeth from damage. Fluoride in toothpaste is placed on your teeth and it strengths overall enamel and protects your teeth from plaque build up. Brushing is the best way to add any desensitizer to the oral cavity.

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